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Artemis Tattoo Studio

5470 Broadway

Lancaster, NY 14086

(716) 683-6300


We are so humbled and grateful for the surge of new people inquiring about booking. At this time, because of how swamped our artists' schedules are, our artists are forced to be more selective with the pieces they are taking on. If you are a new client interested in booking please email us your ideas including:


1. Reference Images

2. A brief description of what you would like

3. Sizing (in inches) and placement

4. Preference in artist (if applicable) 

We will then email you back and let you know if it is something one of the artists would like to take on.

If you have already been tattooed with us and are interested in setting up a new tattoo, please still send over the above information.

All of our artists are booked out AT LEAST 6-8 months and more. If the artist requires a consultation, that will add a couple months to the wait time. 

Thank you.

  • If booking multiple appointments, $50 CASH ONLY deposit required for each appointment booked. 

  • If booking one appointment, $100 CASH ONLY DEPOSIT is required.

  • $100 deposit required for each out of state appointment booked.


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